31 March 2011

the library // enceinte

among the library's regulars are a young couple who come in to use the computers on a near daily basis. he usually asks to borrow a floppy disk (our public computers still have those ancient drives) and she usually asks how to spell something (she once asked me how to spell diarrhea for a food review she was writing. tasty, yeah?).

several months ago, the girl approached the reference desk and inquired if we had a specific diet book. while i was looking up the title, she prattled on about how she couldn't seem to lose any weight (she's a bigger girl, but not necessarily large). i informed her that we didn't own the book she wanted, but that i could show her the diet and exercise section so she could browse the titles we did own. she declined and went back to her computer.

about a month after this reference transaction took place, the couple came to the library again and the girl came over and asked me for a floppy disk. she giggled nervously while i was looking for one before saying, "i need it to save coupons on. i'm gonna need a lot of them."

me (making conversation): "coupons can save a lot."
more nervous laughter on her part. "i just thought i was getting really fat."
me (knowing she wanted me to ask what she meant, but not really wanting to emotionally commit to the conversation): "oh, yeah?"
her: "turns out, i was pregnant!"
l-o-n-g pause.
me (stunned and not knowing what would be appropriate to say): "congratulations?"

she smiled happily, took the disk, and returned to her computer. meanwhile, i'm trying hard to remember whether she said was pregnant or am pregnant. there was no baby with the couple, so i had to assume that she was still enceinte; however, the very next day, the proud parents arrived with a stroller and a newborn (you know what they say about assuming).

i was reminded of this story today when the girl and her baby (now probably five or six months old) came up to the desk and asked if we had the same diet book she had asked about before. while i looked it up again, she told me, "i just can't seem to lose any weight."


  1. You have such an entertaining way of telling stories, Megan. I love reading about the library patrons. And I do hope that poor girl gets with the program, sooner rather than later!

  2. Hah ha, I love little interactions with strangers like this. Its just a slice of life!

  3. thank you, mandy! i really love these interactions (as surly as my demeanor may come off) - they are truly entertaining!