13 March 2011

30 days of lists // days 3-12

i'll just dive right in and ignore the fact that i am so behind in posting these.

30 Days of Lists // Day 3

day 3 // i'm looking forward to: owning a bungalow or cottage in a historic neighborhood; the new explosions in the sky album; traveling to the scottish highlands and upper islands; my 31st year; being debt free; mastering screen printing; reading more classics.
30 Days of Lists // Day 4

day 4 // today's playlist: my maudlin career - camera obscura; rubber soul - the beatles; bored to death - soundtrack; the con - tegan & sara; dark was the night - compilation; lungs - florence + the machine.

30 Days of Lists // Day 5

day 5 // weekend goals: photograph, edit & list etsy items; go to the movies!; clean (but probably not); go back to estate sale when everything is 50% off; tinker with blog layout; celebrate my birthday with the family ♥; watch misfits.

30 Days of Lists // Day 6

day 6 // my least favorite words: panties (i hate that i had to write that!); gelatinous; package; lol (ironically, my dog lola's nickname has come to be lol. the horror!); bi-monthly (why does this not mean twice a month? it confuses me every. time.)

30 Days of Lists // Day 7

day 7 // blog goals: define and follow through with weekly series; put finishing touches on layout + design so it will be super snazzy!; host giveaways for awesome things; make new friends (but keep the old, of course).

30 Days of Lists // Day 8

day 8 // in my bag: iPhone; iPod; q-tips (it's a weird quirk); post-it notes; wallet; sharpies; lip balm; victoria's secret 'the fragrance' body mist; loose pennies (oh so many!).

30 Days of Lists // Day 9

day 9 // my favorite sites: design*sponge; boing boing; geekologie; swissmiss; craigslist; we heart it; neatorama; pugly pixel; whorange; etsy; facebook (obvs); stereogum; serious eats.

30 Days of Lists // Day 10

day 10 // my (vintage) wishlist: a mint condition portable record player; a blythe doll!; teak danish modern dining room set; shelves and shelves of cathrineholm pieces; golden book of biology illustrated by the amazing charley harper.

30 Days of Lists // Day 11

day 11 // date night ideas: thrifting + coffee; indie film + brew pub; camera + botanical gardens; art museum; autumn hike; live music/concert; bike rides around the lake or on the trails.

30 Days of Lists // Day 12

day 12 // weekly rituals: grocery shopping (yawn); local thrift store!; dinner with friends; glee, the office, 30 rock, modern family (catch up on hulu.com); update etsy sales spreadsheet; estate sales on the weekend.


  1. Such great lists you have. Can we hang out? Haha.


  2. aw, thanks! i always feel like such a bore when i look at what i've listed and then read through everybody else's amazing lists. we should totally hang out! if you're ever in dallas... :)

  3. Same for you! If you're ever in Austin. :)

    I'd suggest we meet in the middle sometime, but who wants to go to Waco? ;)

  4. david koresh. side note story: my 7th grade texas history teacher would "motorcycle" down to waco every weekend with her boyfriend and just watch the compound from afar. she was a nut... obviously.