01 March 2011

30 days of lists

i joined up for 30 days of lists (thank you, mandy!) and i'm pretty excited about the prospect of jotting a list every day. there's nothing that makes me happier than a list, except, perhaps, a crossed-off list.

i have tons of journals, books, and paper lying around my apartment, so i wanted to make use of these materials instead of buying a new book. while looking for a moleskine journal i know i have (somewhere), i came across a stack of old christmas envelopes from paper source and i had an idea: an accordion envelope journal. i even had watercolor paper on hand, so i just cut 30 cards (plus a few extra for mistakes, of course) to stash in the envelopes.

i did treat myself to a new sharpie pen, though. a list is only as good as the pen that wrote it, right?


  1. Sharpies totally make the lists better!

  2. So glad you joined up! I wouldn't have known it was you (on Flickr) had it not been for your user pic. (Does that make me sound like a creepster? I hope not.)

  3. jessi - pens are the best. i love them so!

    mandy - heh, m33belowzero is my old-school online identity - i was enamored with the smashing pumpkins in high school/college, which is when i started signing up for stuff; half my online life is under this username. i want to switch everything, but it would be such a hassle and i just can't be bothered :)