02 March 2011

30 days of lists // days 1 & 2

Day 1 // 30 Days of Lists

things i should have added: worrier and perfectionist. after i wrote the list, i wanted to connect some of the letters more clearly, so i went over it again, which only made it darker. so then i went over the whole word, making some words stand out more. i worried that it looked weird and messy. then i just let it go. (but then i went over a few more words to make it appear artistically messy)

30 Days of Lists // Day 2

this was a hard list. i feel awkward listing things i'm good at because it goes against my introvert grain, but i'm working on that. i really like the remembering and maintaining a sense of direction choices. my family teases me for my memory - i do not forget! they claim i remember things that never even happened, but i know. oh, yes, i remember.

i have to admit that i have a stellar sense of direction. i can study a map or a set of directions once and then i'm not likely to have to look at them again. this comes in handy while traveling. i memorized paris on the trip over from london and didn't need a guidebook all day, so i was free to wander and enjoy the experience. when my friend and i were traveling in scotland in a smart car, a lack of discernible street signs had us going in circles. i finally told my friend to turn on the path with no signs at all and we ended up going through a field of sheep, but on the other side of the field? the road we needed.


  1. Great lists! And you have fabulous penmanship!

  2. thanks! i haven't always loved my writing style, but i think i've finally embraced it!

  3. "knowing when to use a semi-colon" that is so great! I butcher them all the time. <3

  4. justine - it took an advanced expository writing class in college before everything finally clicked. even now, i have to mentally repeat instructios in my head before i'm sure that a semi-colon is appropriate :)