20 March 2014

Book Lust // BiblioCraft


Because I have been known to pick up an old book just for its end papers or just for a small illustration on one page out of one hundred, I wanted to share what looks to be a wonderfully curated and beautifully photographed library-inspired craft book.

BiblioCraft, published by Abrams, includes project ideas inspired by all facets of library materials and encourages readers to get lost in the stacks (one of my personal favorite things to do): "Explore and discover. Collect and learn. Wander and reveal."


Written by NYPL Rare Books Librarian Jessica Pigza and featuring projects from Grace Bonney and Heather Ross (to name a few), this book appears to be something I will literally pore over for hours and hours. And it's already inspired me to set aside some time this weekend to become reacquainted with my personal collection of old books - how many lovely quirks and little oddities are there to be found within the pages to jolt a creative spark?

I've already put in my request slip at the library!

13 March 2014

(Copyright Sarah Greenman)
I'm so excited to share that my little Tweed Cottage is on Houzz.com! I had the best experience with writer, blogger, and photographer Sarah Greenman when she came over to shoot the house a few weekends ago and I'm so pleased with the results. Check out the full article here!

In other news... it's been awhile, eh? I'm definitely not winning any blogging awards anytime soon. There's been plenty of activity over here, though, don't worry - parties, book clubs, game nights, quiet time, TV time (the most important time) and fun crafternoons. I should probably remember to start taking and sharing some pictures, huh? So that's what a blogger does! Heh.

Hope you are doing well, friends! And if you're new here, welcome!