11 March 2011

estate sale finds // 03.11.2011

i think it's safe to say that amazing estate sale days are fairly rare, yes? when they do come, though, they're epic.

today was an epic estate sale day (by megan standards, anyway). i'm usually not off on fridays, but i have to work sunday, so today is my saturday and on the weekends, i like to seek out estate sales. i found three sales within miles of each other in dallas, so i stopped by the ATM and headed south.

the first sale was ho-hum and more than a bit overpriced. i only picked up one item and it almost didn't make it home with me. in the end, i couldn't resist the pull of the deer.

always drink milk. i need to heed that advice. a pencil mug, perhaps? i think this would be so sweet in a nursery, so it might end up in the shop.

the next estate sale was magical. it was the third sale at this particular estate - the family kept finding storage units full of clothes, knick knacks, tools, etc., which, in a weird way, i kind of love. it was the second day of the sale and everything was half-off. the small house was packed with things that made my heart flutter, but i'm learning to control my impulse to purchase fluff (i don't really know what that means, but it sounds appropriate).

being a librarian and vintage lover, old books don't qualify as fluff. this school textbook is from 1947.

a civics textbook from 1948.

what did the mayonnaise say when the cook opened the refrigerator door? shut the door, i'm dressing! har har har.

the kitchen at this sale was cramped and definitely not the cleanest, so i went through quickly, but spotted a corner full of beautiful oblong shapes and vintage colors. thirty-eight pieces of impromptu stellar china by ben seibel for iroquois.

the atomic decal pattern is a beautiful orange, aqua, and steel blue/gray. the pieces were priced separately, well over $150 for everything. i inquired about the condition of the plates (most were stacked and i didn't want to break anything) and the lady running the show offered me the set for $50. i quickly accepted.

my fifty bucks scored me: 7 bowls, 6 bread & butter plates, 8 saucers, 6 tea/coffee cups, 7 dinner plates, a large platter, a divided vegetable bowl, a sugar bowl, and a creamer. i'm not much into china and dishes, but this purchase has me feeling warm & fuzzy. grown-up dishes!

i couldn't resist this great little foot stool. it's orange and black and was only $3.

i only had a few dollars left, but i decided to hit up the last sale, where, of course, i found more books.

the estate was that of a veterinarian, so there were tons of medical textbooks from the 1950s and other odd assorted gems.

the illustrations in this book are to die for. page after page of mid-century figures, colors, and mannerisms. love!

i kept my eye out for something specific as i was making my way through the last house. in the online pictures for the sale, i had spotted something that made me seriously weak in the knees. as it was the second day of the sale, i was sure it was gone and i actually missed it in my first go-through. this is why i always, always, always go through houses two or three times.

isn't she divine? gosh, i really love this deer. it's made out of felt and it so reminds me of a skunkboy creature, yes?

it's meant to be a christmas deer, but it will be out all. year. long. i can't believe it was still there (hidden away a bit, though, so i'm sure somebody must have been stashing it for later)!

the only purchase i didn't photograph (because it's crazy windy outside) was a book of vintage hallmark  press-out christmas decorations. i can't wait to show them to you around christmas because they are super cute and colorful!

i'm probably going to hit up some more sales tomorrow (maybe even these again) with my friends, but i had to share my giddiness!

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  1. What a great haul! I've never been to an estate sale, but color me intrigued. :)

  2. mandy - there's great things to be found in others' houses! do you like vintage or more modern things?

    keith - KEITH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

  3. Rib ticklers, ya, I love a corny joke, but funny boners? That's just not right!

  4. Great finds—love the book with the skier on it. I want! I had to go back and re-read to find the "funny boners". That's worth whatever you paid right there.

  5. Oh hardy , har, har, I loved the Jolly Jokes for little folks!!! I'm a children's book fan! I also loved the dainty little Christmas deer. Great haul. Thanks for sharing!

  6. susanne - i didn't even notice that "funny boners" bit - that's too funny (and naughty)!

    carolyn & stephanie - the skier book has fantastic illustrations! that's always what pulls me to a book :)

    michelle - i love the deer so much and i'm so glad she was still there!