30 June 2011

summer colours week // rainbow

it's summer colours week at poppytalk... 
monday: yellow
tuesday: pink
wednesday: blue
thursday: rainbow
friday: red

29 June 2011

summer colours week // blue

(my summer soundtrack pretty much consists of camera obscura)

it's summer colours week at poppytalk... 
monday: yellow
tuesday: pink
wednesday: blue
thursday: rainbow
friday: red

28 June 2011

summer colours week // pink

it's summer colours week at poppytalk...

monday: yellow
tuesday: pink
wednesday: blue
thursday: rainbow
friday: red

summer colours week // yellow

blooming (apartment complex) flowers.


i'm trying to drink less diet coke. la croix requires a little bit of lemon squeezy.


summer road trips that require the use of vintage luggage are okay by me.

it's summer colours week at poppytalk... and i'm obviously a day behind. i'll blame it on the heat and return later today with pink!

monday: yellow
tuesday: pink
wednesday: blue
thursday: rainbow
friday: red

27 June 2011

thrift store finds // 06.27.2011

i haven't had a monday off in awhile, so i took advantage of today by (what else?) hitting up a few thrift shops. i went to five stores and found not a single thing; however, when i got home and looked in the back seat of my car, i realized i've been using it as a thrifted finds storage space (this is reasonable with a small apartment, yes?). i had a clear-out and found a delightful/disturbing trend amongst the items.

i will always be a pisces, despite the astrological nonsense announced earlier this year. my sister shook her head at this slightly unsightly find.

i think i bought this because it reminded me of texas. i don't know how i feel about it post-purchase.

i'm conflicted on this little lady. i've never been a holly hobby fan, but i cannot deny the appeal of that striped floral background. it makes me squee a bit.

i may be undecided about the others, but i totally love this small sentiment

i obviously cannot leave behind embroidered pieces or what i've come to call yarn art. i already have too many pieces hanging in my apartment and i have nowhere to hang these new additions. maybe some will make their way to the shop?

to prove my devotion to this art form, here is a book i bought this weekend.

yes, i originally picked it up because my beloved grandpa called me muggins. but the reason i paid for it instead of just having a sentimental moment or two?

this illustration on the first page. it's foolishness, i tell you! but, seriously, how happy would i be to find a real-life framed yarn art in those colors and in that style? the dainty squid is sooo lucky...

have you found anything great lately? or stumbled upon any personal trends? let's hear them!

21 June 2011

the library // national security

a patron called this morning to see if we had a microfiche reader with printing capabilities. after flipping the switch to see if the archaic machine still came to life, i told the patron that we had a working machine, but the printing capability was iffy, as the thermal printer hadn't been engaged in years. he said he would be in shortly.

not five minutes later, a no-nonsense ex-military man reported for microfiche duty at the reference desk. how could i tell he was ex-military? he was dressed in army green from head to toe and had a camouflage day planner.

i led him to the machine and turned it on. as i was showing him how to manipulate the magnification and glass plates, he put his hand on my shoulder and asked, "are you a citizen of the united states of america?"

my customer service smile slowly faded as i replied, "yeeessss."

"would you be willing to testify if necessary?"


"because i'm about to bring up classified documents on this reader. only citizens of the united states of america may view this information."

"well, i'm just going to show you how to work everything and then i'll leave you to it, okay? i don't need to see what you're looking at."

"but if you do see it, i need to make sure you're a citizen of the united states of america. it's a matter of national security."

"then yes, i am. i was born in ohio."

"okay, then! how does this baby work?"

after he settled in and inserted his microfiche in the reader, he realized he needed change for a dollar, so he went up to the front where we keep a cash register. and he left the classified information on the reader screen, in perfect magnification and alignment for any non-citizen of the united states of america to read.

if that's not a breach in national security, i don't know what is.

p.s. i'm kinda bummed that army guy wasn't around. i think the two would've hit if off nicely.

20 June 2011

my hipstamatic day // 06.18.2011

errr... i see that it's been a week. sorry about that, but it's been crazy hot here in texas and the cool breezes, along with my motivation to form cohesive sentences, have temporarily gone astray. despite insanely stupid temperatures of late, i managed to have a pretty cool weekend, saturday night in particular.

i met two of my favorite people for a fun and nostalgic late-night pizza dinner in a small town about an hour north of where i live and as i was making the 40-mile trip (listening non-stop to the head and the heart), i couldn't help but be enamored with the beautiful sky. it's been bone dry around these parts for almost a month and though a storm was looming, the sun couldn't be suppressed. it was quite lovely.

i arrived a few minutes before my friends, so i took advantage of the swirling sky and old buildings and snapped a ton of pictures.

i'm not usually one to exploit the cowgirl/texas thing, but i really loved this painted sign.

the colors on this wall were to die for...

as evidenced by my taking about twenty close-ups of the aqua, white, and red combination. painted brick is the best.

though we came for pizza, there was a babe's across the street.

if you ever come to the dfw area, please try to go to a babe's chicken dinner house. it is seriously good and kitschy and country and fun.

and some of them have dinosaur-sized chickens out front. win.

my friends and i trekked it out to small town, texas to eat at a place called the tomato. when i was in college, there was a pizza place called the flying tomato (later changed to the tomato) and it was the best local haunt for studying, having a few beers, listening to music, and watching the world go by. the pizza, of course, was exceptional: doughy, slightly sweet, rich, and flavorful.

sadly, the tomato closed a few years after i graduated (it burned after closing, actually) and a college town mourned its loss. but! it was reincarnated a few months ago and i've been dying to see if the new tomato could bring back a few college memories.

the trip did not disappoint. the pizza was exactly the same (exactly!) and the new place had a few old relics from the original flying tomato, including the jukebox and, oddly enough, an old trash container. i had the best time chatting with my friends for hours and listening to music.

though it was getting late, we headed back south to denton (my old college town) and walked around the historic square.

there's a great old theater on one side of the square. i need to make a point of seeing a show there someday.

we ended the night at a bar listening to live music, sipping beer and coffee, and talking even more. it was the perfect night (even though it was still over 90 degrees way past midnight - blah).

i ♥ my friends. what did you do this weekend?

14 June 2011

the exceptional internet // 06.14.2011

i cannot express how much j'adore jean-pierre jeunet (i've tried, trust me...), so i was quite happy to see my favorite design*sponge column feature his film delicatessen. the living in series always, always makes my day and i have to admit that my heart skipped a few beats when i saw the lovely items selected for delicatessen. i want to go to there. you should, too | via design*sponge

growing up, i always loved shel silverstein and his nonsensical poetry books; as a grownup, it's pretty cool to realize he had so many more talents, including composing and songwriting (and singing with johnny cash, apparently) | via hear ya

growing up, i always loved roald dahl and his nonsensical children's books; as a grownup, it's kind of a bummer to learn that he was cruel, condescending, and highly unpleasant | via boing boing

how much do i want an iPad so i can play antiques road trip usa? you go on antique shopping trips to earn money to open a thrift store. hello? can this be my life? | via freckled nest

i love this thought and this neon sign by robert montgomery. so pretty | via doobybrain

just... YES. | via neatorama


sfgirlbybay's newest curated collection is majorly swoon-inducing. typography and art. a perfect marriage | via sfgirlbybay

these paper doll prints by the lovely etsy seller claudiavarosio are just plain awesome. i looove the grey gardens set (keith!) especially, though i know she also has a margot tennenbaum set, too. tough choices... | via moddern kiddo

CH Presents: The Conjuring Arts Research Center from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

i would love to: a) work in new york city and b) work in a special library. to think i could have both! what a cool little secret | via neatorama

famous people hanging out with their vinyl. greatness. be sure to look at all the pictures, including (if not especially) the last one. | via boing boing