19 March 2011

the exceptional internet // 03.19.2011

a few of my favorite internet things this week!

"you need to stop doing so many mushrooms!" the trailer for super mario re-imagined as an indie film premiered at the sxsw festival this week. i would watch this, for real. | via geekologie

the self-portrait romance novel cover recreations by oli and alex crack me up! i've cataloged quite a few of these gems, so i recognize good styling when i see it! | via dude craft

i want to knit this just because it incorporates the word giganto. this would be such a fun project and how cool would it look with an ombre finish? | via neatorama

st. patrick's day was this week and i don't know about you, but i love an irish accent. and irish idioms. and irish language, in general. grammar girl has a short podcast about how to speak english like the irish.

 i'm in love with amy ahlstrom's urban quilts. her designs are inspired by city life in chicago, tokyo, san francisco, new york, and kyoto and are constructed with dupioni silk and cotton. | via boing boing


cooking is already one of my favorite things, but these beautifully illustrated recipes make me want to spend all day in the kitchen! they draw & cook features illustrated recipes and you can search by meal type, illustration style, ingredient, artist location, and more. there's also a kids draw & cook - too cute! | via creature comforts

this vintage hotel room postcard makes me so happy. the couch! the chairs! the colors! i die. | via whorange

based on an episode of family guy, this clip is edited to show the points in movies in which the titles of the movies are said. confusing? yes, but i have to admit that i often feel like peter at these crucial points. do you? | via neatorama

what did you find on the interwebs this week?


  1. Those romance novel covers had me cracking up for a good five minutes. And I definitely feel like Peter when they say movie titles in films!

  2. hee! i'm glad to know somebody else relates :)