01 April 2011

estate sale finds // 04.01.2011

happy friday to you! i had the good fortune of being off today and took advantage of it by hitting up a vintage-saturated estate sale - my favorite kind. here's what i brought home:

a pair of mod orange japanese: a) oil and vinegar decanters or b) salt and pepper shakers. what do you think?

adorable lamb salt and pepper shakers. 

an assortment of vintage embroidery transfer patterns. i love the animated kitchen friends on the top!

a too cute for words merry maid clothes sprinkler container.

a funny little toothpick holder (the bird bends down to pick up the toothpick for you).

this little boy stole my heart. what a cutie pie!

i got pulled in by the cover graphics. i should know better by now, but i can't resist colorful vintage illustrations.

a complete 12-piece gitsware colorvision snack set. i love the orange, gold, and cream color combination.

a sampler-theme box of paper napkins and coasters. sampler art: another guilty pleasure.

this little electric fan was too cool (no pun intended) not to pick up. it's a great metallic green shade.

i had to have this just for the peacock feathers. i was surprised to see the bottom marked 'claire lerner studios' as its style is very different from most claire lerner pieces i've come across. it seems much more art deco than atomic era.

these all came together in a plastic bag. i was pulled in with the glasses, but there were some sentimental items in there, which i love finding. the crochet bag has a note stating emphatically that it was not to be washed and the two shoes are marked 1926 and 1927.

this cheerful wall-hanging wasn't at the sale, but at a thrift store stop on the way home. 

a new metal thermos for my vintage collection - yay!

i love finding these old hangers with the colorful crochet covers. this is only a portion of the lot i scored for just a few dollars.

this was also a thrift store find. i'm almost at the point of banning myself from picking up any more needlepoint scenes. i have so many, but i kind of just go weak in the knees thinking about how long somebody must have spent creating these works. i just can't seem to let them waste away in a lonely thrift store, you know?

it was a great morning for vintage finds and i'm extremely happy with what i got, but let me show you what i really, really wanted and didn't get to in time.

pretty amazing, no? i'm a little sick that i didn't get it. everything was so reasonably priced that i'm sure it was no more than $50. i was the fifth person in line and wouldn't you know it, the first two girls ran straight in and scooped it (and most of the other awesome vintage furniture) up. le sigh. keith managed to snag a great kroehler sofa, so i feel better. a little.

what did you find?

(this post is part of apron thrift girl's thrift share monday)


  1. that chair you wanted that those girls got was $150

  2. well, now i feel a bit better :) i would have paid that much, though (if i had had that much cash with me). happy for you and your sofa!

  3. Wow, jackpot! I love the Japanese shaker/decanter things. I'd just have them sitting around.

  4. Wow, what a great haul! I love the Gitsware set.

  5. Wow! Very cool stuff you found. I can't help but think of the hours and hours someone put in to making that cross stitch. I did one over 20 years ago and kept track of the time...105 hours. Never again. Love those old glasses and shoes. It's all good!

  6. DUDE !!!! You got some pretty sweet stuff!

    I would have wanted that chair too. It's pretty amazing!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I passed along a blog award to you.

    You can see the post about it here -



  7. WHOAH! What a mutha load! You did good, real good! That chair is super fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  8. cuppy! you are amazing and soo sweet! thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. That toothpick holder is adorable. Great stuff and photos!