07 March 2011

estate sale finds // take it or leave it

there wasn't a whole lot offered on the estate sale circuit this weekend. or, at least, not a whole lot going that appealed to my design aesthetic. i try to seek out mid-century items, ranging anywhere from the 1940s to the early 1970s, usually veering away from rustic antiques.

of course, the one estate sale that looked worthwhile this weekend was that of antique vendors, chock-a-block full of rustic wood furniture. but there were actually some good finds, too: embroidered linens, costume jewelry, head vases, milk glass, vintage toys, and old cameras.

i picked up this board game for $10, which is higher than i would normally pay for vintage games, but i fell hard for the vibrant colors.

take it or leave it was introduced in 1942 and is based on the radio program of the same name, which aired on cbs radio from 1940-1947. it was reintroduced on nbc radio in 1950 as the $64 question and then later, in 1955, on cbs television as the $64,000 question.

i've always had a fondness for old board games and their vintage graphics. i adore modern kiddo's round-up of retro board games and would love to own more than the few i have. i've seen board games as art on several design blogs and i plan to follow that trend by hanging this in my apartment.

did you find anything good this weekend?

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  1. Amazing colors. I can see why you wouldn't pass that one by.