07 March 2011


i was tagged by the always cool and nerdy (in the most awesome sense of the word, obviously) chocolate and cream cake with a stylish blogger award! hurrah!

i believe that, in return for such a rad award, i'm tasked with the job of constructing a little list of eight things about myself to share. here we go.

1. i was born with a cleft lip and palate and have had 10 corrective surgeries. physical differences and uncountable trips to doctors, hospitals, and orthodontists left me paralyzingly shy and timid for most of my childhood.

2. i am three degrees from kevin bacon. if you know me, you are four degrees from kevin bacon.

3. i applied to and was accepted in graduate programs in both london and liverpool. i decided not to go because of the astounding cost. this is my biggest regret.

4. i am a librarian and i do not have the patience to read non-fiction. unless it's david sedaris. or mary roach. (if you know of amazing non-fiction that will change my ways, let me know!)

5. i have an unhealthy attraction to fang teeth a la billy corgan, ricky gervais, and pre-orthodontia david bowie.

6. in 2001, my favorite grandmother and my favorite beatle, george harrison, died on the same day. it was a rough day.

7. i'm related to king louis xiv of france. but i'm also more than likely related to kid rock. win-win genes? you decide.

8. my gaydar needs to be calibrated. trust me on this.

a big thank you to mandy for the blog <3!


  1. nice! you are pretty stylish, i agree, megan! #5 (pre-orthodontia) must be the reason we're friends...haha.

  2. You are so welcome! And it was fun to learn this stuff about you, too. :D