08 March 2011

etsy // nook cases

i've been getting acquainted with my nook over the last few days and i'm rethinking my nook cover purchase.

like love the color, but it seems a tad bulky for my taste. i don't care for the flap and extra pocket at all. i want a simple, stylish, and perhaps even humorous sleeve. the best place to find something to fit my parameters? etsy, of course.

the first shop i stumbled upon was nokomomo. how amazing and awesome are these?
(stormtrooper  mushroom  ziggy stardust  spock)

the beautiful fabric choices at rogue theory are right up my alley (i spy some anna maria horner book stack fabric - !).

(left to right: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9)

rokitbot offers their sleeves with a sweet wristlet option. i covet the liz lemon-esque glasses fabric so. much. if you're headed to their shop, check out the nerd herder wallets, which are my organized self's dream.

(clockwise: 1  2  3)

the cases at color creations by danielle london make me so happy. and now i want to have breakfast for dinner tonight.
(pop tart  toast)

thanks for shopping with me!


  1. Gorgeous cases! I love the green glasses print too. (And the nerdy cases, of course.)

  2. i thought you might like the star wars & spock ones :)