02 March 2011

this is a tasty burger

for a pre-birthday treat, i had dinner tonight with my sweet friend sara and her boyfriend. i had the responsibility of choosing a restaurant (i'm horrible at picking - so indecisive!) and finally settled on kenny's burger joint.

we all started with adult shakes because having dessert first and getting a buzz is what it means to be an adult. i got the chocolate grasshopper and agree very much with raj: it's a sweet green miracle.

the pepperjack guacamole burger with smoked bacon was insane. seriously the best burger i've ever had the pleasure to partake. the ciabatta rolls are made fresh daily at a nearby bakery and they were perfection. the guacamole was spicy and the bacon was crisp and i was happy.

the onion rings, or more appropriately, the onion wedges were fantastic and humongous. 

as were the sweet potato fries. i think only a few were eaten, though, because we were all absolutely stuffed from the burgers. so now, as i go off to digest my dinner in front of peep show (i'd say this is my fifth or so watching) and misfits (first viewing), i leave you with this.


  1. That sounds (and looks) absolutely amazing. I am craving a burger and fries really bad now. (Yes, at 1:20 in the morning.)

    How'd you like Misfits?

  2. I haven't had fried food or heavy carbs due to surgery but I can imagine how these taste!

    Thanks for your comment on my post, this was years before I got my MLIS, too :)
    good to know other librarians enjoy her!

  3. mandy - i. love. misfits. it is sooo good! i'm trying to pace myself because i have a 3-day weekend coming up and i need some good tv to fill in a few hours. i'm so glad i saw your recommendation :)

    diana - i ironically read one of her adult novels before even picking up the princess diaries. i actually felt a tinge of sadness when the final book was published - like a piece of my not-so-young adulthood was over.

  4. Yaaaaay. I am glad. :D

    (Also, I meant at 10:20 in the morning, but I figure that was evident.)