28 March 2011

house beautiful // volume two

i finally had some time to scan more vintage advertisements from my 1955 house beautiful magazine! huzzah! are you ready to go back to 1955? let's hop to it, then.
frank lloyd wright paint colors? yes, please. i'll take that font, as well, thank you.
i'm totally loving the orange and gray color scheme.
this kitchen instantly reminded me of the draper's when they were fake-happy and still living together. yes?
why strain muscles and endanger health shoveling snow? indeed! imagine how excited the housewives must have been with the influx of new technology.
i'm not a huge fan of blonde furniture, but this set is awfully nice with those beautiful vintage lines.
that starburst pattern makes me so happy!

i've always loved the thought of cork flooring, but i had no idea it was a design concept in the 1950s. just goes to show that nothing is new, i suppose. and, obtw, that dining room chair is fantastic.

again with the amazing blonde furniture. that hutch is dreamy.
there were so many blanket ads in this particular issue (perhaps because it was a november issue?), so i tried to pick the prettiest.

these glasses are too much for me to handle. i want all of them. can you imagine stumbling upon these at an estate sale or thrift store? that's a happy thought. and i really, really love the packaging. those colors would be great in a vintage-inspired living room.
i certainly don't change the channel in anything less than a taffeta gown and sparkly strappy shoes, do you? 
this is just a gorgeous design. the furniture is impeccable, as is the modern open vibe. 

the description for these tiles makes me smile. ad copy was so different than it is today.
this design actually looks more comfortable than a modern-day sofa bed, yes? it is furniture with a future.

 girlfriend looks crazy stressed. i think she's about to hit her man over the head with that rod.

once again, the language of vintage ads delights me! fanciful, winsome, debonaire, blithe. i feel the same level of giddiness when i hear baby, it's cold outside every christmas. i can still hear my grandmother exclaim, "say, pass me another cigarette, will you, bill?" everyone just seems so innocent, except, of course, for the exotic portrait. she's clearly a vixen.
i don't know about naugahyde, but that sectional is brilliant. 

i think i have enough color ads to do one more volume, so stay tuned! you can see the first volume here.


  1. Beautiful, and so classy! It's amazing that this copy wasn't written that long ago.

  2. classy is the perfect word! i'm glad to be living in modern world, but i love imagining how things must have been.

  3. Oh, agreed. But looking and imagining is always fun.

  4. I LOVE every single one of these ads! The Libbey ad reminds me of my atom glasses (my very first post) but I can't find any information on them. This is the closest I've gotten.

  5. yay! i'm glad they were of some informational use!!