31 March 2011

music // spinning vinyl

my earliest memories of music are those in which i'm sprawled on the floor, listening to the soft crackle and hum of vinyl records and contentedly staring at a small green light on my parents' massive wooden stereo system flashing in time to the beat. it's a bit of a romantic memory, sure, but that's how i feel about music: l-o-v-e.

i've been without access to a record player since i moved into my apartment, so i've been on the lookout for a vintage player, both on etsy and in my estate sale/thrift store adventures. unfortunately, everything i've found has needed electrical work or new needles or was just not very attractive. i woke up last saturday morning determined to have a turntable by the end of the day. in the end, i decided to splurge a bit and get the portable record player from urban outfitters (there's one very close and i had a gift card).

the first record i played when i got it home and set up? my favorite vintage record ever (at least in the cover art department). it was actually a pretty fun little record! now i have a valid excuse to buy more vintage records when i come across them thrifting.

of course, i do have real records to play. i've been falling in love with the beatles all over again for the fiftieth time. every time i listen to the hey jude album, i'm instantly back at my grandmother's farmhouse the summer i originally fell in love with the lads and begged all my aunts and uncles for their discarded beatles vinyl. it was the beginning of my collection.

later that night, i did make a stop at my favorite record store in dallas (there was a living social 56% off coupon to be used, after all).

it was definitely a great music day.


  1. Thats a nice lookin' portable record player! Its so sweet to sit & listen to records. I am in a fog of 45's as of late. I can't seem to stop buying them! Nice post!

  2. thanks! i'm really enjoying exploring (and building) my record collection!