27 March 2011

the exceptional internet // 03.27.2011

the internet is exceptional and here's why:

i can't wait to try this project! i come across vintage embroidered linens almost every weekend at estate sales and they're all so beautiful, but i never know what to do with them. annalea heart shows how to create a charming lampshade slipcover with heirloom (or somebody else's heirloom) pieces | via poppytalk

david lynch fan? check out his various coifs and their fine art equivalents | via jeremy larson

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

seeing the aurora borealis in person is extremely high up on my "things i must do in life" list. this incredible time lapse video was shot over the course of one week in below freezing temperatures in russia. amazing | via geekdad

i'm totally digging these 1950s-inspired wallpaper designs by sanderson. want | via deedee9:14

Horses Gonna Horse

Live-Action Cutscene

Born This Way

aled lewis' toy stories series is pure greatness | via whorange

i'm not gonna lie to you, nick pitera's one-man disney movie made me feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia. i listened to disney music on cassettes well into my early teens. my first cd? the lion king soundtrack. okay, i'm a bit ashamed about that, but in my defense it was a gift from my brother | via doobybrain

hello, my favorite easter candy made even better. cakespy made cadbury creme deviled eggs. i don't think there's anything else that needs to be said | via serious eats

i'm just now trying to finish my collection of coralie bickford-smith's clothbound cover designs for penguin and a new series starts. i'm going to go broke, but i'm not really complaining. her work is so lovely | via design*sponge

these historic wtf photographs had me cracking up and scratching my head | via how to be a retronaut


  1. Are you trying to tell me that you don't line dance with your friends whilst wearing gas masks?! Psh! I know *I* do :) :) :)

    Also, I *need* that chartreuse-ish dress that girl is wearing in the 3rd photo down. SWOON !!!!!!


  2. Love t hat lampshade & I love love love cadbury eggs!

  3. Great stuff! I think that's a fabulous idea for vintage linens, those wallpapers are GORGEOUS, pretty books are always a good thing to have and that poor little pinata photo makes me laugh and tear up a little at the same time. <3