17 March 2011

the library // on the phone


army guy has been on a rigorous job search lately. he's tried many avenues and many professions (the army (obviously), heating & air, mechanics, commercial driving (he's working on getting a driver's license first), government, and numerous retail gigs), but the poor guy can't seem to catch a break.

perhaps it has something to do with the following message i heard him leave on a potential employer's voicemail?

army guy: uh, yes, i'm on the phone today. i saw you yesterday, i was in person, but today i'm on the phone. i'm looking at your website right now. on the computer. i'm at the library and i'm looking at it. please call me if you have any questions i might be able to answer for you.

it's probably just the economy, though.


  1. Poor guy. (Definitely still wishing I could see him and Helicopter guy ...) ;)

  2. heh, definitely still wishing i could not see him :)

  3. That got an actual lol. Just thought you should know. ;)