01 March 2011

the internet is amazing and generous

the interwebs makes me so happy sometimes. like this morning. i woke up to find that i hadn't turned on my dryer last night. i'd put the clothes in, but i didn't turn it on. of course, i was washing all my work clothes and had only damp pants to put on this morning. frown.

but google reader saved me a day of cranky with two bits of awesome. first, if you like cameras and 8-bit art, check out these amazing free to dowhload and use camera graphics from billy brown.

i die. these pixelated cameras are ah-mazing. you can download the file as an .eps, .ai, or a .png. the images are protected under a creative commons attribution 3.0 unported license, which means, do what you want, but give billy brown credit somewhere.


this month's giveaway at deedee9:14 is the one i've been lusting after for quite awhile. every month, she gives away gorgeous mid-century inspired pieces and this year, there's going to be quite a few orla kiely giveaways.
if i don't win this beautiful orla kiely evoke mio radio, i'd be happy if it was one of you awesome people, so go sign up

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