16 March 2011

music // devotchka

so, last night's show was seriously magical.

the granada theater is definitely one my favorite live music venues in dallas and they always have great acts on the calendar. and it's not too far a drive from suburbia, which is a plus on a weeknight (hello, old age).

telegraph canyon opened and i really enjoyed their set and their sound. i'm a sucker for violins, banjos, and organs, of which there were plenty.

the main attraction, obviously, was devotchka. it's been awhile since i've awaited a band with such anticipation and high spirits.

they opened their two-(gloriously long) hour set with the alley, the first track from their new album, 100 lovers. from then on, it was a mix of romantic gypsy melodies and raucous russian-wedding-band-esque polka jam sessions. in other words? amazing.

i loved how they incorporated songs from all their albums so as to not go overboard on new material (not that i don't love their new music). we've all been to a concert where the band is just playing new stuff and the crowd keeps shouting the names of old songs. awkward and frustrating for everybody, right?

i have to admit that i was pret-ty dizzy with excitement when they played my two all-time favorites:

how it ends...

and you love me. the power music has over memory leaves me in awe sometimes. everything was so beautiful and melancholic. just how i like my music.

i was actually sad when the show ended - the band just has a great stage presence and a really lively show, which always feeds into the audience. the whole night, i was either mesmerized by incredibly talented musicians (accordion, melodica, trumpet, theremin, flute, violin, tuba {played by a bad-ass chick}, and tons of different guitars) or clapping away in rhythm to their awesome sound.

to end things right, they played a neil young cover for the encore. excellent.

it was a spectacular night.

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