13 March 2011

the exceptional internet // 03.13.2011

some fancy things that caught my eye this week:

i've long been a fan of the decemberists and am in love with their new album, the king is dead. i saw the video for down by the water a few weeks ago and was in awe of how perfectly the vibe fit the band. to make the video, photographer autumn de wilde partnered with the impossible project and used 2,500 polaroid shots to create a flawless part-stop motion, part-digital scrapbook as a visual companion to the deluxe box edition. it's pretty magical.

london, you will always be my favorite 

(via neatorama)

though i've been pretty lucky lately, you can only open so many kidrobot dunny blind boxes without ending up with a duplicate (or six, as was my case with this darn dunny). what to do with the dups? if you're lucky and well-connected, you can participate in a dunny trade. or you can turn them into an awesome keychain. the kronikle shows you how.

there's been a lot of iPhonography app round-ups lately and i've been loving it! i have 12 photo apps right now, but i wouldn't mind a few more cool toys. some of my favorites not included below: cross process, pocketbooth, labelbox, and 100 cameras.


a beautiful mess shares samples of seven different apps (including my new fave instagram - anybody else on instagram? let me know so i can follow! you can find me under bibliomeg).

ohdeedoh also has a great post on 5 iPhonography tips & tricks. i definitely want to try creating a double-exposure and using a tilt-shift generator.

what is more awesome than a ukulele and a profound love for the great stephen fry? nothing, i say, except maybe when the two come together. this open letter by molly lewis to the great british icon and technology enthusiast could easily be from me, if only i knew how to rock a tiny guitar and were willing to have children at this point in my life. soooo, maybe not.

tartelette makes the most beautiful foods and i'm in awe of her food styling. this week, she shared a recipe for meyer lemon macarons, which, i have decided, i must make immediately. i've tried lemon macarons before, but meyer lemons are a different business.


i love these monster landscapes! an anonymous artists picks up cheap and tacky landscapes at thrift stores and yard sales and makes them awesome.


and finally, because this made me have an actual laugh out loud moment at work while i was on the reference desk and shouldn't have been checking my feed reader, this bit of awesomeness (via boing boing).

my love for mr. humphries knows no bounds! what were your exceptional internet finds this week? 


  1. I need to spend some more time with these links. Gosh, I love the Internet, ever so much.

    And such great iPhone apps! I'm on Instagram—I'll add you!

  2. i don't know what i'd do without the internets! probably be quite a bit more productive, i suppose :)

  3. Haha, indeed! I'd also be a whole lot less good at multitasking. ;)