04 March 2011

cosco work table updated

a few months ago, while hitting up garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales in the historic neighborhoods of dallas, i came across a vintage collapsible cosco work table in rough shape. the table was actually being used at the garage sale to hold the knick knacks that were for sale (you know - the obligatory junk table at most garage sales).

on a whim, i asked if the table was for sale, as well. the owners were surprised anybody would want a rusted, splotchy old table, but from the shape and materials, i suspected it was a cosco table and i knew it had potential. plus, i could add it to my cosco collection. ten bucks later (i probably could have offered $3 and they'd have taken it), i had a new project.

i've sadly misplaced the very initial before photos, but there was a lot o' rust. the chrome legs were a mess of red oxide - you couldn't see any silver. but there's a trick to de-rusting chrome: steel wool! make sure to use the 0000 grade steel wool and be ready to put in some serious elbow grease. if you are as easily pleased as i am, the reward for your hard work is watching the chrome magically appear from beneath layers of coppery flakes.

after sitting in my friend's garage since november, my table made it out into the sun today - hoorah!

i actually didn't completely mind the rustic appearance of the yellow top, but i have a lot of yellow in my apartment and wanted something darker, so i cleaned the years of grime build-up with glass cleaner.

to remove the more prominent rust marks on the top, i gently used more 0000 grade steel wool. i wanted a flat, rust-free surface for spray painting.

rather than paint the underside, which nobody will ever see, i just prepped the top and sides.

i used valspar gloss spray paint in a pretty (and retro-inspired) dark turquoise. 

i'm not usually an even hand at spray painting. i always, always get drips and globs everywhere, but i managed to somehow get a nice, uniform color. it's the birthday weekend gods, i tell ya.

i'm really happy with my $14 project! i totally have nowhere to put this table in my tiny, cramped apartment, but i love it and that's what counts, right?

i actually think this would make an awesome desk. i'd love my all-white sleek technology center on top of this slightly rustic industrial base.

are you pulling out any projects that have been hibernating? i'd love to hear about it!

*hipstamatic details: dream canvas film, melodie lens.