06 March 2011

a nook and a cranny

i'm officially into my thirties, rather than just on the brink (thirty-one does seem an awfully lot older than thirty, doesn't it?). i had a great day with my friends and family, with a steady stream of lovely facebook notifications keeping my phone buzzing all day.

i got a nook color from my parents and, though i will never give up printed books, i'm quite eager to delve into some digital editions. my library is part of a downloadable audiobook and e-book consortium, so i already have a queue ready to download. and, of course, i had to dash to barnes & noble after my birthday dinner to get a cover with the gift card from my sister. priorities.

in my family, you pick the meal on your birthday, so i chose fajitas with roasted onions and peppers, homemade guacamole, refried beans, and cilantro lime rice. for my birthday cake, i requested a sopapilla cheesecake, one of my favoritest things ever.

funny story: last year on my dad's birthday, my mom made a sopapilla cheesecake. all through dinner, she made cryptic comments on how the cheesecake would taste. as she began cutting the cheesecake, she starting giggling uncontrollably, but she wouldn't say why. she served extremely small pieces to everybody and said, through laughter, that it may not taste quite right. what should have tasted flaky, creamy, and sweet was distinctly pungent and garlic-y. my mom had bought one package of regular crescent rolls and, without noticing, one package of garlic butter crescent rolls. i'll leave it to you to imagine the amount of teasing that has since occured.

the highlight of my day was the sweet vocal stylings of my four nieces. i trickily inserted their birthday renditions throughout the post - sorry about that. i'm sure the only reader who really cares to hear these cuties is my brother-in-law and me, but you have to admit they're all adorable, yes?

i hope you all had as good a weekend as i did!


  1. I'm glad you had a great birthday! And I kind of want a Nook, if just for the adorable ampersand Jonathan Adler case. ;)

  2. i'm a sucker for awesome accessories, too! i love the ampersand case and i really love the kate spade cover that says 'she kept her nose in a book... and her head in the clouds,' but it was $125! craziness.