18 March 2011

awesome points

i'm awarding a million awesome points to my lola because:

she's finally (kind of) learning to sit when she sees other dogs, as opposed to rushing them with her pip-squeak snarl.

she's gobbling up the new addition of mixed vegetables to her dry food.

she still loves me even when i have to work a lot and leave her at home at night to go to concerts.

she's fiercely dedicated to keeping my feet warm when i'm sick (food poisoning is not fun).

she's at the other end of a heartworm treatment. i take her back to get the final test next week.

she lets me take lots and lots of pictures of her. many times, she's dressed up (sometimes by my nieces, most of the time by me).

she's puts her face between her paws when she's sleepy (gah, this kills me!).

and, even though she is quite solemn and slightly repressed (according to my brother-in-law), she has the best puppy dog smile i've ever seen.

she's awfully sweet, lola is.


  1. yay for mixed veggies in her diet! maybe soon we can get her hooked on apple treats!

  2. i think i need to try a different fruit treat for her. she's totally not into apples. at all.

  3. She's adorable. Did you add in mixed veggies because your vet told you to? Or is it just good for dogs? Mollie loves veggies, but I've never thought to add them into her food ...

  4. when i got lola, she was extremely underweight and she's quickly filled out. but she's also quite a picky eater and i've been having to sprinkle little bits of shredded cheese on her food to get her to eat. i figure putting small (tiny) portions of mixed veggies on her food is a much healthier enticement for her. and she LOVES them - it's so cute how eager she is to eat now!

  5. Ah, OK. Mollie had a similar weight issue, but she's never been shy about eating. She wolfs her food down and goes looking for more. :)