17 February 2011

house beautiful // volume one

last weekend, i came across a stack of vintage magazines at an estate sale. i almost passed them by (they were $6/magazine - and that was after a 25% discount), but i kept coming back to flip through the pile. at the bottom, i found a november 1955 house beautiful featuring frank lloyd wright on the cover and i just gave up. i had to have it. dating back to my short-lived days as an interior design major, frank lloyd wright was (and is) my ultimate design aesthetic crush.

later that night, i brought the magazine along to keith's so we could look through it together and sigh contentedly over outdated ads and gorgeous mid-century designs.
frank lloyd wright is ah-mazing. that's all there is to say.
the roots of the modern recliner? i think so. and they're "smart-looking," too!

who hasn't hugged themselves in delight at the thought of a faux wood-paneled room? i know i have.
i'm totally digging the acid green, yellow, red, black, white, and gray color combination. 

oh, knoll. you've been on my mind since interior-design-major days.

i have much <3 for that sideboard/buffet in the first picture. swoon.

that's odd... mother always used to call me her little rainbow.

i think this daystrom ad was the showstopper and ooh-aah-maker of the whole magazine. i would love that pink dinette. or the red... i'm not picky.

keith and i got to talking about old appliances and how everything was blank-omatic. not two seconds later, we flipped the page and there was an explosion of -omatic goodness!

i hope you enjoyed looking at these old ads as much as i did. this issue was quite large, so i'll be scanning more and doing more posts soon - i just couldn't wait to show a few gems, though!

*update: i uploaded all of the original ads on my flickr page if you'd like to see the high-res versions.

**washi tape clip art courtesy of pugly pixel**

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