07 February 2011

you're such a card!

i'm slowly emerging from the arctic blast that hit most of the nation last week. don't get me wrong - i loved every single second of the ice, snow, cloudy days, and dropping temperatures. i was in my element. but now i have to go back to being semi-productive. sigh.

just as the ice and snow were beginning to melt, i trekked it out to a friend's for some cards and much-needed human conversation (you can only talk to your dog for so long before all topics are exhausted, amiright?).

i love going to keith's - everything is vintage: tables, chairs, plates, cups, couches, buffets, coffee carafes, coffee tables, and lamps... oh so many lamps. even the sandwiches were vintage.

keith made almond & chicken salad, cucumber, and salmon & caper finger sandwiches for our card game and they were adorable (and tasty!).

hot tea served in vintage cups was perfect on a still-quite-freezing night.

but the best thing? a lemon cake. nom. we delicately partook (read: devoured) this pastry while playing an extended game of norwegian rummy.

too bad i lost.

*all photos taken with the cross process iPhone app.

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