24 February 2011

the library // nocturnal noshes


weird food guy called tonight. my colleague had the pleasure of assisting him with his inquiry: do people eat owl meat and bat meat? i think this was his way of saying: am i the only one who craves the flesh of nocturnal creatures?

the facts:

people do not eat owl meat and these friends of hedwig are, in fact, illeagal to kill in the united states and the united kingdom. so give a hoot! don't... eat owls, man.

though it is considered a taboo food, people do eat bat meat in the batak and minahasa minority communities of indonesia. but take care when tasting these aerial rodents: the regular consumption of bat meat can lead to dementia, hallucinations, and neurological disorders.

in the spirit of the more you know,


  1. Sounds a bit like dudebuddy was having some of those side-effects and wanted to double check where they might be coming from. ;)

  2. Dudebuddy! That's hilarious! He's always calling about some exotic meat or other. We've had to remind him several times that armadillos carry leprosy. Sigh.