19 February 2011


let's just be honest here, shall we? i am messy. my surroundings are in a constant state of clutter, dishevelment, and chaos. for the most part, i've come to terms with the fact that i was never mother's little helper on chore days, but there is a small part of me that longs for clean spaces and strict organization. this part creeps up when i've been particularly neglectful of my space for long periods of time, when things have gotten so messy that even i'm bothered.

case in point.

this was definitely not my finest hour.

a slob, i tell you! these pictures were taken right after new years, when, like everybody else with strong resolution resolve, i decided to organize. this particular area is the sunroom in my apartment, a.k.a. my small home office. one side of this tiny cubby space holds a table for my craft supplies and items that need to be listed on etsy; the other side houses my desk and computer.

where to begin? ikea. isn't that always the answer? i spent a good few hours browsing the online catalog, taking measurements, and checking my bank account. after i made a list of potential solutions, i made my way to the land of always busy. luckily, there is an ikea exactly 4.9 miles from my apartment. i made my purchases and eagerly started assembling.

fast forward almost two months (can you say resistance?).

i have never, in my life, had anything so organized. it feels pretty good. pret-ty, pret-ty good.

i went with the expedit shelving unit ($99) and turned it on its side. there is literally not a millimeter to spare, so hoorah for measuring twice! while i was at ikea, i also picked up the orange dokument letter tray ($7.99). i'm using this for storing receipts, invoices, and shipping labels. the kitchen scale i use to weigh shipments (from williams-sonoma so many years ago) fits perfectly.

also from ikea, i used the green kassett magazine boxes ($12.99/set of 2) and the silver emu boxes ($6.99/set of 2) for storing craft supplies, cables, CDs, and shipping supplies.

i picked up a usb extension so i could move my printer behind my desk.

i wanted to make use of some of my vintage collections, so i used small pyrex dishes for clips and push-pins.

i used vintage fire king dishes for paper supplies and an old glass for my knitting needles.

i picked up this old coffee canister for $.50 at a thrift store and i used it for storing my markers (i am a total sharpie addict).

this vintage tin was just $1 at an estate sale this week. i love the fruit design and bold colors, so i wanted it to be functional - it stores my ribbon stash.

next to the tin is one of my favorite toys from my childhood. i adore vintage fisher price toys and luckily my mom, who runs an in-home daycare, kept all our old toys.

some of my favorite new toys are my dunnys. i might be obsessed with collecting them.

the third one from the left on the top was signed by the artist (amy ruppel) and is one of my favorites. i also love the owl and the virgin mary and the detective and the elephant man...

and the british guard and the kangaroo boxer and the devil... how could these not make you happy?

speaking of happy, my computer area is clutter-free for the first time! i'm usually typing over papers, knick-knacks, and dishes (i am extremely guilty of eating in front of my computer).

hello, desk. i haven't seen you in awhile.

i even de-cluttered my computer. i took off most of the old stickers, only keeping the essentials, like this old martha stewart apple of my eye. so punny.

oh, diet coke, i couldn't have done this without you.

my only purchase ever from pottery barn teen was this green double-decker storage unit and the pink computer stand (underneath my printer).

i utilized some more vintage wares over on this side, too: a melamine plate and bowl for girly storage (does anybody else paint their nails at their desk?)

above my desk is the best underground map ever. instead of tube lines intersecting, this map plots out music genres and is absolutely brilliant. i got this in london a few years ago and it is definitely my favorite souvenir.

and finally, i hung up this great vintage ceramic wall pocket/planter cuckoo clock i found at an estate sale a few weekends ago for $5. i'm really into bavarian/woodland/alpine decor lately. 

this 3-day weekend is off to a productive start! i'm going to visit some of my favorite people tonight and i have 2 birthdays to celebrate in the next few days, so it'll be busy, busy. what are your weekend plans?


  1. can you help me organize my dissapointments room please?

  2. i'm going to be disappointed when it's not called the disappointments room anymore! i'm keeping an eye out for a hutch for the kitchen pantry!

  3. Hol-y wow, does that ever look amazing! Such great colors and I love the Expedit on it's side!


  4. your office is so rad!! i love your use of kitchen/serving ware for storage, looks fantastic!