09 February 2011

holy cold...

no wonder my sinuses are going crazy! it's currently around 18 degrees and tomorrow it will be 33 degrees. and in one week? the 70s. absolutely nuts, i tell you! absolutely texas, i tell you.

but in the meantime, look how cute my puppoo is (that's dog in megan-speak)!

lola has been extra snuggly of late, which is perfectly okay with me.

she is amusingly terrified of any liquid-state objects falling on her, including rain and snow.

and she can't get inside soon enough after her short visits outside. she practically drags me as she makes a dash back to the apartment.

i <3 her so!


  1. She is adorable. My dog (Mollie) hates all wetness as well. Perhaps they can be friends? ;)

  2. P.S.-It's been crazy in Austin too. Texas, you are weird.

    P.P.S-The word verification for my first comment was "mingles." How appropriate, non? :)

  3. dog friends! yes! lola needs a virtual puppy pal because she's a bit, um, *assertive* with real dogs right now. she's a shelter dog who i suspect has had a bit of a rough ride thus far.

  4. Mollie's a shelter dog too. She's got similar aggressive tendencies, I'm guessing. My husband and I say she's just being "street." ;)

    Yay for shelter dogs, though!