24 February 2011

etsy 101

i can hardly believe it, but my little etsy shop reached 101 sales this morning! i was waiting for the big 1-0-0, but a lovely person ordered two items and it jumped to 101 sales in the blink of an eye.

i just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude to anybody who has purchased an item, browsed through the shop, listened to me prattle on about catherinholm, or given me the encouragement to start and/or carry on with this vintage venture: i am a fan of you.

i feel extremely lucky to be able to do something i truly enjoy. i love every trip to the thrift store and i love every craigslist estate sale planning session. i love finding oddities and treasures in the same dusty corner. i love that i've had to learn how to take better photographs (they're still not great, but they're markedly better). i love waiting in line at the post office for international orders, knowing that i'm getting to connect with customers in ireland, australia, england, france, spain, sweden, canada, norway, and russia. i love knowing that the extra income i've earned payed in full for lola's unexpected (and costly) heartworm treatment. i love knowing that the extra income i will earn is the foundation for a down payment on an arts & crafts style bungalow (one can dream, yes?).

in simple terms, i love. this opportunity. these finds. these people.

thank you.