11 February 2011

i always wanted to be a tenenbaum, you know

family dysfunction aside, how great would it be to live at 111 archer avenue?



i am in love (love!) with the mansion used in wes anderson's classic film (actual location: west 144th street & convent avenue in harlem): the staircase! the game closet! richie's room! (excuse the excessive exclamation usage - it's completely necessary, i assure you).

while other children may have played school or doctor or the markets (as was the case with chas tenenbaum), i played house, but not in the traditional sense. i would doodle floor plans on graph paper, tirelessly designing new room dimensions and features until i had mapped out my dream abode. the fictitious 111 archer avenue is the physical embodiment of the spinnings of my 10-year-old mind. everything about this space is perfection to me and i know it has influenced my personal design sensibilities: overdecorated, colorful, intense, and quirky with a vintage spin.

something i might love even more than a beautiful old building with a tower that reminds of me anastasia krupnik books (tell me i'm not alone in that connection)? artists renderings of 111 archer avenue.

max dalton's cross-section of the tenenbaum residence is absolutely brill; it's only rival is dalton's beatles print, which, let me just say: want.

(chas' room)

(margot's room)


wes anderson kept a journal of setting and prop ideas for the royal tenenbaums, which he handed over to his brother eric, an illustrator, to influence the style of the movie and visually represent anderson's throughts to the film crew. i love the carefully labeled details in these sketches. they remind me of richard scarry's word books (another childhood favorite).


tim doyle's wes anderson prints make my eyes and my heart very happy!


and, finally, i adore this kevin tong silk screen print. i love the cast of characters running along the bottom.

and if this little rabbit hole adventure isn't enough for you (this post is the end product of a simple search for the font wes anderson uses in all his film - futura, as it happens), you can bring a little tenenbaum love to your own space with these awesome things from etsy. i just might have to snap up those falcon salt & pepper shakers!

'I've always wanted to be a Tenenbaum, you know' by filedaway

If you've always wanted to be a Tenenbaum, here's your chance.

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