26 February 2011

britcom boys & girls // richard ayoade

name: richard ayoade
age: 33
best known for: maurice moss, a.k.a. moss, on the it crowd


born in ipswich, england, richard ayoade began writing plays and comedic sketches for his catholic boys' school before ending up at cambridge, where he joined the footlights, an amateur comedy troupe founded in 1883. starting in 2001 with the edinburgh fringe festival comedy award for co-writing the sci-fi/horror spoof garth marenghi's netherhead, he's won a string of awards for his comedic work, including nme's title of coolest guy in london. a self-proclaimed film nerd, he's self-deprecating, a low-talker, and would rather be behind the camera than in front.

when he's in front of the camera, though, nerd magic happens. in heaps. continuing his work in the garth marenghi franchise, he appears as fictional horror author garth marenghi's agent, dean learner, in garth marenghi's darkplace. the show is presented as a show-within-a-show, a never-aired 1980s television series with current day commentary by the "cast" and features all the great low-budget sets, clothes, and filming techniques of the era.


you can catch most of the series on google video - score!

in addition to a recurring role in the mighty boosh as saboo, a belligerent shaman, ayoade is best known and loved (at least by me) for his role as moss on channel 4's the it crowd. maurice moss is a sometimes cowering, sometimes strident, always socially awkward, uber-nerd extraordinaire. he's pretty amazing.

best moss moment? if i had to choose, the moss xp reboot. it's slightly genius.

the ayoade more comfortable behind the camera has made a name for himself, too. he's directed music videos for the arctic monkeys, the super furry animals, the last shadow puppets, vampire weekend, kasabian, and the yeah yeah yeahs.

his most current venture in writing and directing is the feature film submarine, adapted from joe dunthorne's prize-winning novel. the film received sparkling reviews at the toronto international film festival and is due to be released in spring 2011.

add richard ayoade to your personal queue! he's a brilliant britcom boy.


  1. can we say 'tommy?' i've always had that impression while watching richard ayoade.

  2. heh, good call! i can totally see that!