21 February 2011


one of my favorite and my best people had a birthday to celebrate. this, of course, calls for delicious food stuffs.

we had a scrummy lunch at kotta sushi lounge. i didn't think i'd ever look forward to miso soup, but now i love it so.

these dumplings were crisp and filled with tasty crab, shrimp, and vegetables. yum.

i got the midnight roll, which has tempura shrimp, asparagus, and cream cheese wrapped in soy paper and topped with spicy tuna, crab, and salmon.

sara got the yellowtail roll, which has yellowtail, cucumber, asparagus, and avocado and is topped with spicy tuna, onions, and jalapenos. seriously good.

after lunch, we walked across the parking lot to the cupcakery and got down to the tricky business of choosing just one cupcake.

sweet geez, there were so many amazing looking cuppies to choose from. i almost went with the kir royale, but...

as always, tried and true favorites win. for me, my go-to flavor is lemon. i will choose lemon over chocolate anything, any day.* sara got the chocolate peanut butter and, as there were mere crumbs left, i think she liked it. 

*my friend keith says that chocolate cake drizzled with fresh lemon juice is to die for. and i cataloged a book not too long ago whose name references a lemon cake frosted with chocolate. i must check this phenomenon out, yes?

do you obsessively take photos of your food at restaurants? please say yes.


  1. I don't take photos of my food, but rarely does it ever look this pretty. I obviously need to try some new places.

  2. P.S.-I've been to The Cupcakery! Delicious cupcakes.

  3. i think i've been reading food blogs for too long because anytime i see something that's pretty in food, i pull out my phone (but not usually at home - a microwave hot dog is nothing to blog about!). the hipstamatic app helps bunches in making things prettier :)

  4. YES! i miss the cupcakery :)

  5. annie - i bet seattle is teeming with delicious food places! i'd love to go up there or portland for a food holiday!