26 February 2011

britcom boys & girls // new blog series

i'm embarking on a new blog series dedicated to my insane love of british comedies. believe it or not, i do have a few credentials for bringing britcom bits & bobs to the masses (or the small group who will actually enjoy my probably too-enthusiastic praise of those kooky brits): i've been a fan since middle school, i've spent a small fortune accumulating entire series dvd collections, and in grad school, i wrote a thesis-length report on and built a database for the fictitious bbc digital laugh initiative, a corporate library dedicated to preserving all forms and genres of british comedy.

and also? they make me laugh.

so please bear with me as i periodically present a few of my most favorite actors and actresses from the beeb.


  1. You know I love this idea. I can't wait to be introduced to new people/new shows! :D

    Side note: Do you have an all-regions DVD player to play your BBC shows on? I know a lot are released for our Region, but I'm running across others that aren't yet. (Specifically Misfits.)

  2. heh... um. for more recent shows, i find them on... the internet? yeah. no all-region dvd player for me, but my friend does own one that she got on amazon years and years ago and i covet it. i recently signed up for hulu plus and found they have quite a few full britcom series, including my absolute favorite, peep show, and others like black books, coupling, and little britain, but no misfits. i stream a lot on netflix, as well - they have all the mitchell & webb shows and older britcom classics that i'm fond of. i really just need to move there so i won't have to worry about silly regions :)

  3. I hear you on the Internet. ;) I've got Netflix, so I will look!