15 February 2011

music // arcade fire. radiohead. local shows

first off, insert a huge squeal and happy hand clap ---> right here <---! woo. hoo. for arcade fire winning album of the year at the grammys. needless to say, i'm pretty stoked that one of my favorite bands received the recognition they deserved for an amazing body of work. i'm also quite amused at their being recognized as "the suburbs" and the outbreak of the tumblr site who is arcade fire?. my favorite tweet: who the he'll (sic) is that fire who? courtesy of dog the bounty hunter. greatness.

if you haven't heard of arcade fire or any of the songs on any of their albums, get to it - you're missing out!


continuing with the good news, radiohead has a new album coming out this week! the king of limbs will be availble for download on february 19th (saturday) through all music retailers and the physical album will be available may 9th. considering the melancholic mood of their music (which is in fact why i love them so), i'm ironically very happy about this news.


dfw readers, please take note of the following dates:

tuesday, march 15th: devotchka with telegraph canyon at the granada.

thursday, april 7th: band of horses with midlake at the verizon theater.

two more bands crossed of my list - yes!

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