28 February 2011

in which colin firth scores big time

did you watch the oscars? aside from the lackluster, disjointed hosting (not necessarily james franco), i'm pretty happy with the awards.

highlights included kirk douglas' presentation (he should have hosted), trent reznor winning best soundtrack, some quality time with billy crystal, and colin firth winning best actor. did you know i love colin firth? i do and have since i was 13, so it's a deep and real love, obviously.

because i don't have cable and my parents have a high-definition plasma television with surround sound, i went to their house. in return for letting me invade their sunday evening to gorge on celebrity fashion, i brought ingredients to make homemade pizzas.

i used the pioneer woman's pizza dough recipe, which i really like because it makes enough for two pizzas. the first pizza was a delicious layering of thinly sliced red potatoes, kosher salt, fresh mozzarella, sauteed leeks, pancetta, and shredded parmesan.

the second pizza was mainly for my dad and had fresh mozzarella, sliced vine tomatoes, canadian bacon, purple onion, shredded parmesan, and pizza sauce. the trick with this type of pizza, i have learned, is to layer pesto between the dough and the pizza sauce. it adds an extra special flavor sensation in your mouth. so good.

while we watched the show, we played a friendly game of oscar bingo, courtesy of how about orange.

my mom has an awesome vintage button collection, so we used colorful buttons as the bingo markers.

i was hoping the winner would get to keep the buttons, but no such luck. it didn't really matter, though. everybody bingo'd (multiple times) before i got my first five-in-a-row.

did any of your favorites win?


  1. Man, those look delicious. We had fajitas at a friend's house.

    I was a little underwhelmed with the Oscars on the whole—no Banksy, boohoo—but I did laugh at parts, and Kirk Douglas was adorable.

    I'm very glad The King's Speech won as many awards as it did. And I'm pleased that Natalie Portman won for Black Swan as well. She was batshit crazy in that movie, but it was a memorable crazy.

    One of my favorite parts was hearing Zachary Levi sing. I obviously need to see Tangled.

  2. batshit crazy - yes, indeed. i felt all weird and moody the whole day after seeing black swan. exactly the way i felt after seeing american beauty. i was bummed that besides not seeing banksy, he didn't win! i bet thierry (sorry, mr. brainwash), was bummed, too.