31 January 2012

photo a day challenge

is anybody else participating in fat mum slim's photo a day challenges? i missed out on january, but am excited to start february's tomorrow.


i attempted a 365 photo project a few years ago and got all the way to mid-september before i just lost steam. i felt uninspired and took pictures of, quite frankly, random crap just to say i had taken a picture. i love how each day has a prompt you can interpret however you'd like. this is something i think i can actually manage!

i'll be sharing my pictures on instagram (@bibliomeg) and on facebook (check the snazzy new side bar for links!), but maybe i'll post a weekly round-up over here, too? let me know if you're participating - i'd love to follow!

30 January 2012

music // upcoming shows

hi friends! i just wanted to pop in and share a few of the shows i'm excited about going to in the next few months. i feel like the saying "my dance card is full" needs to have a live music equivalent. suggestions?

in february, i have tickets to the octopus project. i've seen them twice before (once just last november, actually), but their shows are amazing, high energy and visually beautiful (they have gorgeous graphic projections). and the theremin-playing yvonne? she's pretty awesome. 

in march, i'm seeing radiohead the night before my birthday. it can't get any better, but i did read that thom yorke didn't really want to go into the older stuff, so fingers crossed for a few from ok computer, kid a, or the bends.

a few days after my birthday, i'll see heartless bastards again. this is actually my video from when i saw them early last year. they're great live!

in april, i'm super excited to go to austin psych fest for the first time! there are a ton of super cool bands playing, including my favorite-ever live music band the black angels

in may, it's florence + the machine. actually really stoked about this show. after all her out-there videos, i'm interested to see what her live shows are like.

to end may (and this still-growing list), it's yann tiersen! oh, how much do i love yann? a lot. he was supposed to have a show in dallas last year, but it got snowed out, of all things! he's worth the wait, though...

how about you? any shows (or anything) you're excited about this year? i'd love to hear!

27 January 2012

the library // stephen colbert & maurice sendak

a slight departure from an ordinary library tale today, friends. stephen colbert interviewed maurice sendak, author of the children's classic where the wild things are, the other night and the banter was spectacular.

i thoroughly enjoyed their conversation about children's literature -- it brought back so many memories of my early library days when i had to perform story times for pre-schoolers. these weekly shenanigans went on for about 4 years before i got my masters degree in information organization. good times.

eh, maybe not so much.

the best line: "the sad thing is, i like it." i liked it, too, and so can you.

25 January 2012

wakey wakey wednesday // 01.25.2012

sidenote: one of my favorite songs ever. days when songs like this shuffle on first make me pretty happy. sigur rós is one of the bands on my life to-see list - if they don't tour the states soon, i have a back-up plan of going to iceland to see them (and the northern lights). that would be an amazing trip.

song: e-bow
artist: sigur rós
album: inni
year: 2011


song: sigur 6 (untitled)
artist: sigur rós
year: 2002 

23 January 2012

tweed cottage // living room

1. chair // accordion 2. paint by number project // amazing thrifted hand-painted pants hanger! 3. living room // ikea rug 4. suitcase record storage 5. vintage desk record stand

6. paint by number collection 7. antelope lamp base (house warming gift!) // lampshade 8. chair // picture display 9. brown-saltman vintage surfboard coffee table

10. more paint by numbers 11. paint chip art 12. a new tv (f i n a l l y) 13. accordion (for looks only) 14. bits & bobs

15. silk thread collection 16. glass doorknob curtain tie-back 17. original art collage // color inspiration

thanks for taking a peek into my living room! it's my favorite room in the house - i love being in there listening to records, talking to friends, and watching tv (i never thought i'd appreciate a larger tv as much as i do!)

(you can see the green room here and full size images on flickr)

16 January 2012

tweed cottage // the green room

confession: i named my house. i've always loved how british homes have names, so i decided to call my little 1940s house tweed cottage because it's cozy and twee, much like the rooms within.

strong natural light and tidiness finally coincided yesterday, so i snapped a few pictures of what was supposed to be the master bedroom; instead, the green room, as it is so ingeniously called, is my crafting, sewing, computer, and music room. the majority of the items in the room are thrifted or from estate sales, but i tried to source anything else as it appears.

wall color // martha stewart sultana

bearded men, mustachioed babies, and sad face boys // ashley g
pants hangers for concert posters // mostly vintage, some ikea

i don't think i've ever shown this couch on the blog before. i love, love, love it, but it does not love me. i'm mildly allergic to wool and the colorful crewel embroidery gets me itchy and sneezy in no time. i look, others sit, lola snoozes. it is too pretty to not have.

beatles art // my crazy talented friend nathan
ricky gervais print // elloh

megan sign // hand stitched by my mom when i was little 

chalkboard paint // home depot

bottle rocket motel poster // save the bottle rocket motel

octopus love // ashley g

most of the items from my apartment (living room // dining room // office) have found a happy new home in this green room (more close-ups over on flickr), but i've really tried to cut back on clutter. it still is a bit cluttered, but more of a stylized clutter? yeah, that's it.

thanks for taking a peek - more tweed cottage coming soon! (update: living room)

14 January 2012

vintage walk

after a pretty good estate sale score in the morning and an early afternoon movie (i saw the artist - it was great and really inventive! watch the trailer here), i decided to take lola on a vintage walk.

a vintage walk is what my friend calls a walk around an old neighborhood. it was the perfect weather for a long stroll with my iPod, camera, and favorite pug.

i love my neighborhood! there are so many interesting things to see on every street. so many amazing houses and buildings, especially. i love, love, love the pink and mint green cottage with the white picket fence (upper left) and the church (upper right) was built in 1856 - it's incredible! the victorian house (bottom left) is really stunning and it's purple (in various shades) from top to bottom.

but my favorite thing to look at every time i pass it? this amazing 1960s cadillac ambulance. swoon.

i always get a bit camera shy around this beauty - i really want to get interesting angle shots of all the little details, but i don't want to invade any personal property. i am determined to knock on the owners' door one day and ask for the ambulance's history and permission to shoot away.

i'm off to spend the night catching up on project runway all-stars (it's too much awesome with both austin scarlett and mondo) and downton abbey. yes, this is my saturday night and it's going to be great!

what are you doing?

13 January 2012

friday the thirteenth

happy lucky friday.

or friday the thirteenth if you're superstitious. did you know that there was an anti-superstition society in chicago? they held a friday the thirteenth party on december 13, 1940 and smashed (literally in the case of mirrors) superstitions. that's kind of awesome. check out the gallery of photos at life magazine. (if you're viewing in a reader, you might have to click through to the blog for the embedded gallery below!)


11 January 2012

09 January 2012

vintage hanger display updated

remember the vintage hanger christmas card display? it finally got an update. once the christmas decorations were down, the hangers and bits of string were looking a bit sad, so i culled through my instagram and hipstamatic pictures and picked about 40 to be printed.

i used the postalpix app and the prints were delivered in no time. i have to admit, it felt pretty good to actually hold a physical print - i honestly cannot remember the last time i had pictures developed.

i love seeing my favorite memories around the house! i had just enough prints for two hanger displays, plus a few extra to tuck here and there around the house. i think this will be a rotating display that i update every few months - i already have a queue for my next print order. this could be dangerous.

i hope you're having a great monday! it's rainy and dreary here, so it's pretty darn perfect.

08 January 2012


i guess joann doesn't know. shell art is OVER!

p.s. we can pickle that! okay, okay. just pretty happy that portlandia is back on.

05 January 2012

wish list // lucky + wes anderson

if it is impossible to live in a wes anderson film (oh, how i wish it were possible, though!), the next best thing would be to live surrounded by team zissou, the tenenbaums, dignan, anthony, max, francis, peter, and jack. and maybe a fantastic fox or two.

lucky for me, artist lucky jackson (see what i did there?) has created a few stunning embroidered pieces featuring wes anderson characters for her 365 lucky days project. have you seen these works? i seriously can.not get over the fact that each piece is embroidered from start to finish in a single day.

definitely check out her blog and shop for some amazing eye candy. richie tenenbaum has already sold, but steve zissou and margot tenenbaum are at the top of my wish list.

what's your favorite?