31 January 2012

photo a day challenge

is anybody else participating in fat mum slim's photo a day challenges? i missed out on january, but am excited to start february's tomorrow.


i attempted a 365 photo project a few years ago and got all the way to mid-september before i just lost steam. i felt uninspired and took pictures of, quite frankly, random crap just to say i had taken a picture. i love how each day has a prompt you can interpret however you'd like. this is something i think i can actually manage!

i'll be sharing my pictures on instagram (@bibliomeg) and on facebook (check the snazzy new side bar for links!), but maybe i'll post a weekly round-up over here, too? let me know if you're participating - i'd love to follow!


  1. i am so pumped to start this!

    i did the 365-photo-a-day last year but I didn't feel like starting it up again this year....so this is perfect :)

    cute blog!

  2. I am definitely doing this! I am still working on my owl 365 but I decided to do a photo 365 at the beginning of the year. It's been good so far but I think this February thing will make me think outside of the box. I will be posting it on my blog. Www.themarchowl.com

  3. Very good idea! In January I had set myself the 1 photo a day challenge but I lost inspiration and ended up giving up somewhere halfway. This is a great way to keep inspired.

  4. Hi! I'm doing this photo challenge as well! I got your site from the link list! Good luck on completing the challenge!

  5. I had been trying to do a photo a day on my own but this gives more of a direction. Which I totally need. MEG is the coolest to all you new lookies! Thanks for the link!