06 August 2011

packing up

hullo! i hope you're enjoying the august break posts around here. one of the reasons i decided to participate in this project was so i could devote a bit more of my free time to getting things organized around the ol' apartment so i can begin packing. i'm moving to a rental house in another city (not too far away) in early- to mid-october and if you remember the pictures of my apartment, well... there's just a lot of stuff to sort through. *ahem*

as i clear through my things, i'm setting aside a few items to list in the shop. i'm going to try and go with a bit more of an edited look at the new place. still kitschy and kooky and colorful, but edited kitsch and kook and color, you know? of course that doesn't mean i haven't picked up a few new things for the house.


i fell in love with rachel's idea for a vintage school desk as a table for a record player (i have the same player), so i've been on the lookout for a similar desk at thrift stores. this past week, i found not one, but two turquoise metal school desks. of course, one was $50 (insanity!) and the other was $20 (much better, but still a little high?). i picked up the less expensive one and i actually really love the shape more than the expensive one.

it's a bit difficult to convey the greatness of the turquoise - it's almost a pearlized metallic bluish-green. it's perfect. i'm not loving the front pink panel, but i think i'll have that side facing the wall.

one of the things i can't wait to do at the new place is create a paint by number wall. nothing too crazy (and definitely no paint by number clowns), but a cohesive grouping of my small, but growing, collection. i found this paint by number at the same thrift shop as my desk and i love it. i'm not too attached to the frame, but i was thinking about spray painting all the frames a matching cream to add a bit of consistency to the grouping. we'll see.

okay, back to packing. have a good weekend!


  1. i'm so excited you're moving to a house...can't wait to see it all put together! :)

  2. cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait

  3. Wow! You get to expand! Cool! I really like the desk (pink panel & all) Good luck on your new move :-)

  4. I love that desk! I too want an old-school metal desk for use and fun, but living on the third floor kind of hinders me wanting to lug it. Also, when we move apartments later this fall, the office space will be in a loft area which will be, essentially the fourth floor. Someday!