02 January 2012

goldmine attic find

happy 2012! i hope the year of the dragon is off to a great start for you. with cool people, yummy food, and good conversation to start the year yesterday, i certainly can't complain.

i also can't complain about the a m a z i n g atomic era gold shadow box that was discovered in the attic of my rental house. my friends (and landlords) are moving for a few years and are storing some things in my attic. yesterday, to everyone's surprise, they discovered this fantastic piece under a pile of insulation.

i (greedily, i'm afraid) called dibs and they (graciously) handed it over. the decorative edge is missing what we think was probably once a mirror, but other than that? it's in perfect shape. and i already have a plan involving glitter and resin to add a bit of awesome back to the shadow box. nothing tacky, i promise. stay tuned.

if this is a sign of the vintage goodness to come in 2012, i'm stoked.

oh! and to start off the new year, i started a facebook page for file me away. if you'd like to like it, well, that'd be swell!


  1. Oh how cool! If there were ever anyone to appreciate this found object it is you. Heck, I think it may have found you!

  2. Haha! My friend Keith said the house gave it to me to show me it loves me back. :)

  3. That is stunning! I can only imagine how amazing it'll look once you've worked your magic. :)