30 January 2012

music // upcoming shows

hi friends! i just wanted to pop in and share a few of the shows i'm excited about going to in the next few months. i feel like the saying "my dance card is full" needs to have a live music equivalent. suggestions?

in february, i have tickets to the octopus project. i've seen them twice before (once just last november, actually), but their shows are amazing, high energy and visually beautiful (they have gorgeous graphic projections). and the theremin-playing yvonne? she's pretty awesome. 

in march, i'm seeing radiohead the night before my birthday. it can't get any better, but i did read that thom yorke didn't really want to go into the older stuff, so fingers crossed for a few from ok computer, kid a, or the bends.

a few days after my birthday, i'll see heartless bastards again. this is actually my video from when i saw them early last year. they're great live!

in april, i'm super excited to go to austin psych fest for the first time! there are a ton of super cool bands playing, including my favorite-ever live music band the black angels

in may, it's florence + the machine. actually really stoked about this show. after all her out-there videos, i'm interested to see what her live shows are like.

to end may (and this still-growing list), it's yann tiersen! oh, how much do i love yann? a lot. he was supposed to have a show in dallas last year, but it got snowed out, of all things! he's worth the wait, though...

how about you? any shows (or anything) you're excited about this year? i'd love to hear!

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