16 January 2012

tweed cottage // the green room

confession: i named my house. i've always loved how british homes have names, so i decided to call my little 1940s house tweed cottage because it's cozy and twee, much like the rooms within.

strong natural light and tidiness finally coincided yesterday, so i snapped a few pictures of what was supposed to be the master bedroom; instead, the green room, as it is so ingeniously called, is my crafting, sewing, computer, and music room. the majority of the items in the room are thrifted or from estate sales, but i tried to source anything else as it appears.

wall color // martha stewart sultana

bearded men, mustachioed babies, and sad face boys // ashley g
pants hangers for concert posters // mostly vintage, some ikea

i don't think i've ever shown this couch on the blog before. i love, love, love it, but it does not love me. i'm mildly allergic to wool and the colorful crewel embroidery gets me itchy and sneezy in no time. i look, others sit, lola snoozes. it is too pretty to not have.

beatles art // my crazy talented friend nathan
ricky gervais print // elloh

megan sign // hand stitched by my mom when i was little 

chalkboard paint // home depot

bottle rocket motel poster // save the bottle rocket motel

octopus love // ashley g

most of the items from my apartment (living room // dining room // office) have found a happy new home in this green room (more close-ups over on flickr), but i've really tried to cut back on clutter. it still is a bit cluttered, but more of a stylized clutter? yeah, that's it.

thanks for taking a peek - more tweed cottage coming soon! (update: living room)


  1. i miss tweed cottage! too bad i moved to ramshackle cottage.

  2. i love the apartment! I collect a ton of Vinylmation and I'm always looking for cute ways to not only store them but display them. I'll take a cue for yours. Brilliant.