27 January 2012

the library // stephen colbert & maurice sendak

a slight departure from an ordinary library tale today, friends. stephen colbert interviewed maurice sendak, author of the children's classic where the wild things are, the other night and the banter was spectacular.

i thoroughly enjoyed their conversation about children's literature -- it brought back so many memories of my early library days when i had to perform story times for pre-schoolers. these weekly shenanigans went on for about 4 years before i got my masters degree in information organization. good times.

eh, maybe not so much.

the best line: "the sad thing is, i like it." i liked it, too, and so can you.


  1. Can't wait to watch these. Did you hear the interview that Terry Gross did on NPR with him on her show "Fresh Air"? I think I've listened to it three times. Every time, I cry and cry.

    1. Just watched these clips - hilarious! Gotta love both of them.

  2. Haha! I just watched it again for the fourth time or so - still funny! I'll definitely have to check out the Terry Gross interview - thanks for head's up! (Though I'm a bit scared now at all the crying that might take place)