14 January 2012

vintage walk

after a pretty good estate sale score in the morning and an early afternoon movie (i saw the artist - it was great and really inventive! watch the trailer here), i decided to take lola on a vintage walk.

a vintage walk is what my friend calls a walk around an old neighborhood. it was the perfect weather for a long stroll with my iPod, camera, and favorite pug.

i love my neighborhood! there are so many interesting things to see on every street. so many amazing houses and buildings, especially. i love, love, love the pink and mint green cottage with the white picket fence (upper left) and the church (upper right) was built in 1856 - it's incredible! the victorian house (bottom left) is really stunning and it's purple (in various shades) from top to bottom.

but my favorite thing to look at every time i pass it? this amazing 1960s cadillac ambulance. swoon.

i always get a bit camera shy around this beauty - i really want to get interesting angle shots of all the little details, but i don't want to invade any personal property. i am determined to knock on the owners' door one day and ask for the ambulance's history and permission to shoot away.

i'm off to spend the night catching up on project runway all-stars (it's too much awesome with both austin scarlett and mondo) and downton abbey. yes, this is my saturday night and it's going to be great!

what are you doing?

1 comment:

  1. The owner of that ambulance is probably used to people taking pics of it. It is seriously a Ghost Busters fan's dream! It sure is well kept too. Whatta beauty!