20 February 2012

tweed cottage // dining room

1. dining room 2. jerry orbach

3. bar // buffet 4. erma thompson (mary kay's personal assistant) 5. cha cha (because she's the best dancer at st. bernadette's) 6. vintage books 7. phone booth china cabinet

8. sweet dog 9. vintage pretties 10. eunice & harlan 11. henry (i'm actually related to him)

12. built-in bookcase 13. estate sale 1940s dining room table 14. the (fake) family 15. aqua telephone // red reindeer are never out of season

16. lovely old books 17. gerber baby 18. reupholstered dining room chairs 19. vintage dish collection 20. nesting doll collection (un-nested)

thanks for taking a peek at the dining room! my favorite thing about this room is the portrait collection. with the exception of henry (#11), i know none of the subjects. i pick them up at estate sales when i'm lucky enough to find one that strikes my fancy - and then i name them. cha cha, eunice & harlan, and the gerber baby were all found on the same street in dallas at different sales on completely different days.

erma thompson is a real person and was actually mary kay's friend and personal assistant since the foundation of the company. jerry orbach, not to play favorites, is totally my favorite. when i found the portrait, i was immediately taken with the style and was convinced that the face looked familiar for some reason. there was a tag on the back that simply said, 'jerry.' after racking my brains for days trying to think who 'jerry' looked like, it came to me: jerry orbach (a.k.a. lennie briscoe from law and order). i am 98% convinced that 'jerry' is a portrait of a young jerry orbach. the similarities are too striking for them not to be the same person. later this week, i'll share with you how jerry celebrates the holidays.

have a great day!


  1. Looking great! Glad too see Cha Cha has a new friend!

  2. Wow, these pics belong in a home decor magazine! I really like the Jerry Orbach reflected in the mirror shot. Your nesting doll collection is amazing. I just found a mushroom nesting set at a sale. I've never seen mushrooms before! It looks like your table is set for a dinner party. I hope you had some friends over to celebrate your new pad!

  3. LOVE every inch of it! And you know, I'm shrieking over the portraits. And wow, I've never seen a phone booth china cabinet. That is RAD!! I love your colors and that shot of Jerry reflected in the mirror.