25 February 2012

the many moods of mr. jerry orbach

so, yeah, tomorrow ended up being two days late. it be like that sometimes, yes? without further ado, may i present...

on a whim, hours before my christmas party last december, i decided to craft a jolly santa hat for mr. orbach. i thought it was funny. the next week, i thought he could do with a new year's eve hat... and thus began a hobby that, i have to admit, i might enjoy a little too much. it's kind of like dressing up a dog. silly, but ultimately amusing.

i believe the source of this inspired plan can be traced to the halloween masks danielle thompson crafted for her vintage portraits last fall. and i spied something similar on eartha kitsch's lovely portraits this valentine's day, too! i plan on making jerry a fetching item for most holidays this year (he got pretty lucky with a costume change on president's day) and i'll be sure to share them here.

happy weekending!


  1. Hee! All kinds of awesome! I love the one where he is George Washington.