29 February 2012

wakey wakey wednesday // 02.29.2012

better late than never, huh? wow. it's been a crazy few days. i've been under the weather for over a week and i've fallen behind on most things, including the photo a day project, which ends today. i'm working on getting caught up, though! 

i woke up late and ran out the door before putting any music on, so the first song of the day was from a CD in my car. my friend recently made me an amazing mix and i've been listening to it non-stop. this is the first thing i heard this morning.

song: sound city
artist: burning hotels
album: burning hotels
year: 2011

i was lucky enough to catch them opening for explosions in the sky last fall and they were amazing! i really like their 80s vibe and i definitely dig that they are a local band (from ft. worth). happy wednesday! happy leap day!


  1. I've given you a favorite blog award! Check it: http://foodfitnesslifelove.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/home-stretch/

  2. Hey girl, Missing your posts! Hope that you're doing well! :)

    1. Oh, so sweet! I've missed being here! I had no intention to be away so long, but somehow the weeks (err, months) have slipped by. I'll be back with lots to share soon! (Still reading your blog and adventures, of course!:) )