15 February 2012

estate sale finds // 02.10.2012 (part 2)

so, picking up where i left off...

the final item i snagged before i dragged myself away from the amazing estate sale was a diary/daily calendar from 1958. it was made for the fair department store in ft. worth, texas. below is a photo of one of the fair department stores in 1958 and what sits on the same lot now.

The Fair Ridglea Fort Worth 1958 and 2010

as i said in the previous post, it's quite sweet and a bit sad. i've transcribed the contents of the entries below the pictures.

front cover: divorce granted october 18, 1957 (friday). papers on record oct. 21, 1957 // tuesday, september 2, 1958 went to work at convair $1.72 per hour

friday, january 3: worked for [ft. worth] press. bill robinson said that i was doing real good in my work.

wednesday, january 8 [after being sick for 4 days]: was still sick, but went to work. bill robinson said that they had hired some one else that you weren't aloud (sic) to be sick.

friday, february 21: met john allen.

thursday, april 24: received a letter from jim today. he said that he was going to start paying support for mary kaye after the last week in april. but i doubt this very much.

tuesday, april 29: dr. beyer gave me a blood test so i could go to beauty school. dr. brown took 10 moles off of me.

monday, may 5: started to isabell beauty school. $50.00 tuition. 9-5:30.

saturday, may 31: jim got married approximately. his license came out in sunday, june 1, 1958 paper. he marries anita mashburn from meadowbrook drive.

friday, june 13: dr. beyer gave me my 3rd polio shot. he also gave me some pills to take 1 a day. [scratched out in pencil]: he said that he would try to get me a date?

this poor nameless lady! fresh from a divorce at the beginning of the year and she loses her job. she's a single mother (and in 1958, which, as we all know from mad men, was very much frowned upon) with no financial support and she seems to have trouble holding onto a job. i hope this john allen she met in february was a swell guy! i wonder if the pill her doctor gave her in june was for her polio vaccination (i don't think there was an oral vaccine in the 1950s, though). and i wonder why she scratched out that very last sentence? there were no more entries for the rest of the year to offer any more clues.

i sure hope things picked up for her and mary kaye! though this one was quite morose, i love finding little treasures like this at estate sales. they offer small glimpses into what daily life must have been like and i find that endlessly fascinating.


  1. wow, that is fascinating! maybe you'll meet mary kaye some day in the library...haha!

  2. So sad...yet so interesting. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be a divorced woman in 1958.

    The location of The Fair store is just a few blocks from my home in Ridglea. Unfortunately, the old Striplings store on Camp Bowie was razed last year, and one of those cookie cutter strips of shops went up in its place. Really, doesn't the world have enough Chipotle locations???

  3. Been lurking on your blog. But I wanted to comment about this estate sale. I was there too! Made it in with the second group through the door. I don't know if they were limiting the number of people in the house when you arrived, but we were about 24th in line, and they were only letting in 20 at a time. But yes, this was an awesome estate sale. I was able to snag a bunch of vintage christmas things and kitchen smalls. But half the fun of estate sales like this is the nostalgia from seeing some of the things my family had when I was growing up. Thanks for posting about this sale and your finds.