08 February 2012

wakey wakey wednesday // 02.08.2012

an oldie today. and one of my favorite works, too. when i was in high school, my band traveled to chicago to play an invitational orchestra clinic and this was one of the pieces we did - ours was irish tune from county derry by percy grainger, though. and it was s l o w.

song: danny boy (londonderry air)
artist: glenn miller and his orchestra
album: a legendary performer
year: 1991


  1. LOL- when I read the blurb in my dashboard I thought you were going to say "Shepherd's Hey" by Percy Grainger. Great, now that I mentioned that I'm going to have that tune stuck in my head all day... :)

    (I played trumpet in high school band & orchestra.)

    1. Shepherd's Hey! We played that, too, and sooo many more Percy Grainger pieces. My director was a bit smitten with the Grainger stuff. And me too by the end. Ah, good times! I played clarinet and I was a total band nerd :)