15 February 2012

wakey wakey wednesday // 02.15.2012

this song makes me want to hop a plane and head to1950s new york. or italy. you know, whichever. on a related note (see below), i am getting quite excited about the (excruciatingly long-awaited) return of mad men next month! i think my biggest question is how much time will have passed since the end of season 4 in 1965? i've read that it will be the summer of 1967. i can live with late 1960s fashions... as long as we never see joan in a leisure suit. i kid. joan would never wear polyester.

song: botch-a-me
year: 2008 (originally recorded in 1952)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Rosemary! Awesome! I'd like to hop a plane to either, thank you. I too worry about Mad Men. I remember how jolting it was when they switched years last time.