06 February 2012

photo a day // days 1-6

from top (l to r): my view // words // hands // a stranger // 10 a.m. // dinner

i've been keeping up with the photo a day challenge without too much worry. granted, it's only been six days, but still. little things. i cheated a bit on the "stranger" prompt. all day i kept meaning to snap a random picture at lunch, at the movies, at urban outfitters (man, does that place make me feel old now!) and they all were blurs or total darkness (the movies. um, duh, megan).

so, i pulled the mother of all stranger pictures (for me, anyway) from the archives. i took a picture of this rather good looking fellow on the paris metro on my birthday three years ago. what made it awkward? i didn't have a smartphone then. nope, just a point-and-shoot. which is what i covertly did. ha! i was a nervous wreck, but he just seemed so darn parisian i had to have a photo memory. i think the only person who noticed was the nun a few feet away from me. if i wasn't already on my way to notre dame, i totally would have gone to atone.

from top (l to r): line // shadow // portrait // pattern // landscape // motion

and surprise! right after i published last week's #febphotoaday prompt, i found out about #febphotoskill from diana at our city lights' instagram feed. i made an impulsive decision to do both projects and i've really enjoyed it. the #febphotoskill prompts really challenge your photography, which i appreciate.

my "portrait" picture totally cracks me up. it's my newest vintage portrait straight from 1980s arkansas. i think he looks like a sleazy ron swanson, but my brother-in-law pointed out his resemblance to allen covert's character from the wedding singer. yes, i see that.

more pictures in six days!


  1. Love these projects and the photos that came from them. And i love that portrait! He reminds me of someone that I can't put my finger on. He has really kind eyes and looks like he'd be quick with a smile. That Parisian guy ain't too bad either. : )

  2. Eartha, I love that you find the good in people! Here I am, calling him a sleazy Ron Swanson, and you point out the tender eyes. You are right - I bet he has a great personality and sense of humor :)

  3. I feel so guilty, I haven't even kept with either!

    Love the spinning globe!!